Our Story

Dhorfilia Jewelry was created in 2018 by a young, third generation of jewelry makers and designers. Our family's jewelry tradition started in 1950 in a modest atelier in Gernika, a small coastal town in the North of Spain.

Tradition was started by our grandparents, then continued by their son, who learned and expanded the fine goldsmith techniques that form the core of our business today, creating a know-how in fine metal craftsmanship, and notably, in gemstone casting. 

After spending 10 years working as geologist overseas, her daughter decided to follow the family tradition and pursue her dream of learning gemstone casting and experiencing the beauty of goldsmithing,

After gathering a young, enthusiastic small family team, Dhorfilia Jewelry was founded.  Today, we keep ourselves true to our family tradition but we have surely changed. We create with a twist of modernity, marrying classic and modern designs. Our designs are inspired by natural forms, such as trees, plants or leaves, but also by unconventional forms such as geometrical forms in microscopic life or art, and are commonly inspired by chance, by things we see in our travels. Women feel chic, confident and comfortable wearing our jewelry, because it is unique, beautiful, and many jewels are one-of-a-kind.